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Latest news releases on flavonoid:

The truth about chocolate: does it really contain flavonoids? - News-Medical.Net

They tend to have sugars bound at the carbon 3 position; but as you can see from Figure 1 there are many different types of flavonoid. Figure 1: Classification of flavonoids The anti-oxidising nature of the flavonoid depends upon its molecular structure.

Lipoflavonoid Review Manager Starts Work at Health Hound Ltd. - YAHOO!

As well as making a new appointment this week the team at Health hound Ltd. have also come up with a free report on quick and easy ways to lose weight. The new report is available right now at http://www.healthhound.org/lipo-flavonoid-investigation/.

Report: Drinking red wine may prevent cavities - Burlington County Times

mutans from clinging to teeth and saliva. The researchers next determined that the active components in red wine that protect teeth are proanthocyanidins, naturally occurring flavonoid compounds previously found to have antioxidant properties.

Marta Montenegro: Blood Pressure FoodRX, What Works and What Does Not - FOX News

In particular, a study where over 38,000 men and 60,000 women were examined to evaluate the relationship between flavonoid intake and cardiovascular disease, the higher the food intake of these phytochemicals the lower the risk of cardiovascular ...

Thick skinned red grapes-and the wines they produce-show major health benefits - Examiner

French wines are better designated by region, rather than by variety of grape. Each wine region can vary widely in flavonoid (discussed below) content: Italy — Alot of red Italian wine is made from the sangiovese grape and called variously Chianti ...

10 best foods to reduce cholesterol - Times of India

It is believed that spinach contains around 13 flavonoid compounds which keep us away from cancer, heart diseases and osteoporosis. 1/2 a cup of this lutein-rich food, daily, guards us against heart attacks. Olive oil: This oil has many health benefits.

Berries are so berry good for you - Modesto Bee

Here's some of what we know. • Blueberries are packed with antioxidant power, which comes from high levels of anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid or plant compound. They also contain significant amounts of micronutrients and fiber. Blueberries ...

Allergies are Nothing to Sneeze At - State College

Since allergic reactions are inflammatory processes, treating the immune system is paramount. Quercetin, a flavonoid found in fruits, flowers and herbs — may reduce IgE formation, inhibit the release of histamine, and reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms.

Winning The Battle Against Breast Cancer Metastasis - Yahoo Finance

The flavonoid quercetin reduced proliferation and helped suppress tumor growth. In addition, 3, 3'-Diindolylmethane (DIM), an active byproduct of cruciferous vegetable digestion, reduced cancer growth, migration and invasiveness. "Here ...

Foods that detoxify your body - Food Consumer

It boost the production of liver detoxification enzymes, and also contains a flavonoid compound that causes the liver to burns fat. Green tea is loaded with catechins, a type of plant antioxidant that has been shown in studies to eliminate liver fat ...

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