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Latest news releases on Xeloda:

Genta Reports Results Of Tesetaxel Confirmatory Trial - RTT News

capecitabine [Xeloda; Hoffman-La Roche, Inc.]), or TS-1 (Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.). Two patient cohorts (13 patients each) were treated with fixed oral doses starting at 40-45 mg (Cohort 1) and 50-60 mg (Cohort 2). Cohort 3 (27 patients) employed the ...

Genta Announces Results of Tesetaxel Confirmatory Trial in Patients With Advanced Gastric Cancer - Marketwatch

This 2nd-line study enrolled 53 patients who had progressed on at least one prior chemotherapy regimen that included a platinum compound (cisplatin, oxaliplatin, or carboplatin) and a fluoropyrimidine (5-fluorouracil, capecitabine [Xeloda(R ...

Where oh where is that crystal ball when you need it? - American Cancer Society

I'm stage IV triple neg IBC with mets to the lymph nodes between the lungs. I've been on chemo for 8 months, 2 months of xeloda (didn't work) and 6 months of weekly abraxane (keeping the cancer stable). Some of what my onc said..."the treatment plan is the ...

5 Biotech Stocks At Rock Bottom Price With Takeover Possibility - Seekingalpha.com

The stock has -43.87% price performance for the year 2012. On April 2, 2012, Keryx announced that the Phase 3 "X-PECT" (Xeloda & Perifosine Evaluation in Colorectal cancer Treatment) clinical trial evaluating perifosine (KRX-0401) & capecitabine (Xeloda ...

ASCO Preview: Eight Cancer Drugs to Watch at the Big Show - Xconomy

These women had previously gotten Herceptin, and were randomly assigned to get either T-DM1 or a combo of GlaxoSmithKline’s lapatinib (Tykerb) and capecitabine (Xeloda) chemotherapy. Partly because this drug is working against a high-profile ...

Research and Markets: Cytotoxic Therapies Market to 2017 - Launch of ...  - CNBC

Other brands such as Alimta (pemetrexed) and Xeloda (capecitabine) have also crossed the billion dollar mark in sales. However, these drugs are set to lose their patent protection in coming years, opening the market up to entry from generics. However ...

Undaunted by Wall Street “Penalty Box,” Keryx Focuses on Kidney Drug - Xconomy

In an earlier trial with 38 patients, the drug looked promising in combination with a Roche product called capecitabine (Xeloda): It extended median survival from seven to 17 months compared with capecitabine alone. But those results couldn’t ...

Drugs To Watch At ASCO 2012 - Seekingalpha.com

Patients and physicians alike will be very receptive to T-DM1 for 2nd line patients as the currently approved alternative (Xeloda+Tykerb) is considered minimally effective and too toxic. In fact, even if T-DM1 had a comparable PFS to Xeloda+Tykerb ...

Blood Biomarkers Could Personalize Treatment in Rectal Cancer - Medscape News

The patients were treated with 28 fractions of chemoradiation at 1.8 Gy each plus capecitabine (Xeloda, Genentech), and those with pathological complete response (pCR) or good response were compared with nonresponders. "Responders were defined as either ...

Increased Mammograms Up to 65% Responsible for Breast Cancer Mortality Reduction - PR-USA.net

Drugs covered include: Abiraterone acetate (Zytiga), Afatinib (Tomtovok), Afimoxifene (TamoGel), Albumin-bound paclitaxel (Abraxane), Anastrozole (Arimidex), Apatinib, Bevacizumab (Avastin), Bosutinib, Capecitabine (Xeloda), Cediranib, Cetuximab (Erbitux ...

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