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Strengths available for Ventolin:

Ventolin 2mg

Strengths available for Ventolin HFA Aerosol:

Ventolin HFA Aerosol 100mcg
Ventolin HFA Aerosol 200mcg

Strengths available for Ventolin inhaler:

Ventolin inhaler 100mcg

Strengths available for Ventolin Respirator Solution:

Ventolin Respirator Solution 5mg/mL

Strengths available for Ventolin Solution for Nebulizer:

Ventolin Solution for Nebulizer 1mg/mL
Ventolin Solution for Nebulizer 2mg/mL

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Latest news releases on Ventolin:

What is the treatment? - Times of Malta

There are two basic kinds of medication: Control drugs, to prevent attacks and quick-relief drugs for use during attacks (see your doctor) and quick-relief drugs such as short-acting bronchodilators (inhalers), such as Proventil, Ventolin and Xopenex.

Why did one of these twins have to die before their cough was taken seriously? - Daily Mail

‘Steroids are crucial for preventing asthma attacks. Although Ventolin (beta-agonists) quickly relieves breathlessness when someone has an attack, we want to stop these attacks happening — by using the preventers even when people feel well.’ Hazel ...

Clyde community is fired up over smoke - Cranbourne Leader

Parent Rosalie Crustani said her son, who normally did not suffer breathing difficulties, needed to be pulled from class to take the inhaler, Ventolin. “The situation became urgent when a number of students flooded the school nurse with breathing ...

'How I'm beating cystic fibrosis' - Daily Mail

The drug and physiotherapy regime takes me up to three hours a day, which is a drag. To start the day, I have to have Ventolin to open up my airways. Then I have to do physiotherapy for half an hour to help clear the mucus from my lungs. I then have ...

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