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Latest news releases on Thyroid:

Thyroid cancer curable if detected early - Daily News and Analysis

Lack of awareness and a delay in diagnosis can prove costly for those suffering from thyroid cancer, a condition that has till date affected about 42 million people in India, according to medical experts. Thyroid cancer proves a paradox to the medical ...

Radioactive iodine is safe treatment for overactive thyroid gland - Yuma Daily Sun

DEAR DR. DONOHUE: My daughter is 22 and on her own. She is being treated for a thyroid problem. The plan is to give her a radioactive material. What does this do to her ability to have children? Does it raise her risk for cancer? Must she take ...

How to eliminate thyroid disease - naturally - Natural News.com

(NaturalNews) Are you tired or frustrated you can't lose weight? One of the most overlooked health issues associated with these chronic health problems is hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, many people are not taught how sensitive the thyroid gland is to ...

Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Has Thyroid Cancer - YAHOO!

According to the Wall Street Journal, early last week former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson told colleagues that he has thyroid cancer. The 54-year old disclosed he had cancer to the company’s board of directors and several colleagues last week, just days ...

Neonatal thyroid test is must: Doctors - Daily News and Analysis

Not just adults but children and newborns too are prone to disorders of thyroid hormone deficiency. In fact, lack or delay in treatment at early stage can lead to severe mental and growth retardation as well as heart problems in children. While screening ...

Thyroid Hormone Replacement Treatment And Drugs - PR-USA.net

Lack of hormones such as T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (tetraiodothyronine or thyroxin) lead to hypothyroidism. These two particular hormones help in controlling the body's metabolism and lacking the very same will lead your metabolism to slow down.

People who eat seafood advised to avoid iodine - English Eastday

TAKING in too much iodine from sources such as iodized salt and experiencing too much stress are directly related to thyroid diseases, especially hyperthyroidism, local researchers say. Healthy people in Shanghai are advised to avoid iodized salt ...

Obesity Linked to Higher Risk for Aggressive Thyroid Cancer - Medscape News

May 22, 2012 — Patients who are obese tend to present with more aggressive forms of papillary thyroid cancer. In addition, the cancer is often diagnosed at a more advanced stage in this population, according to a retrospective review. The findings from ...

Eutirox dosage-cures thyroid problems - PR-USA.net

Thyroid is an essential gland that regulates the body's metabolism, it is no surprise that a drop in thyroid is equal to the ageing process and can be the source of many health problems. Thyroid supplement eutirox and eutirox 100 mg is able to combat an ...

Iodine safe for thyroid - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Dear Dr. Donohue • My daughter is 22. She is being treated for a thyroid problem. The plan is to give her a radioactive material. What does this do to her ability to have children? Must she take special precautions when she's around others?

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