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Latest news releases on Stator:

The long journey of a generator stator - The Hindu

Power managers in the State have reason to smile now, as the stator, equipment that is part of a power generation plant, reached the city on Friday and is being taken to the North Chennai Thermal Power Station (NCTPS). Work at NCTPS is on in full swing ...

Focused Airflow Fan targets heatsinks and radiators. - ThomasNet Industrial News Room

November 18, 2011 - Combining 11 stator guide vanes with 7-blade impeller and SSO bearings, NF-F12 120 mm Focused Flow(TM) Fan uses custom-designed PWM IC with Smooth Commutation Drive technology for fully automatic control with quiet operation.

Torque Flange Measurement System has 0.05 accuracy class. - ThomasNet Industrial News Room

December 9, 2011 - Type 4550A KiTorq has bearing and slip-ring free design that consists of Type 455x KiTorq rotary torque measuring unit and Type 454x KiTorq stator torque evaluation unit. Both rotors and stators within system with same speed option may ...

Influence of Additional Air Gaps Between Stator Segments on Cogging Torque of Permanent-Magnet Machines Having Modular Stators - IEEE Spectrum

In order to improve the electromagnetic performance and ease the manufacture process, particularly stator winding, it is often preferable to employ a modular stator, e.g., individual stator tooth/back-iron segments, or separate stator tooth segments and ...

ZTPC Completes Generator Stator Erection for 390-Megawatt Combined-Cycle Unit - Industrialinfo.com (subscription)

BEIJING--May 25, 2012--Researched by Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)--Zhejiang Thermal Power Construction Company (ZTPC) (Hangzhou, Zhejiang), a subsidiary of China Energy Engineering Corporation (CEEC) (Beijing), successfully completed the ...

Multistress Aging of Stator Bars in a Three-Phase Model Stator Under Load Cycling Conditions - IEEE Spectrum

The aging characteristics and the life expectancy of stator bar insulating systems are examined under load cycling conditions in a three-phase model stator, such as can arise with frequent start/stops of generators in service. It is demonstrated that the ...

Companies team up to complete design change on massive motor - Engineering News

The motor incorporates an 18 t stator, which is 3 m in diameter, making it one of the largest nonpower-generating stators ever repaired in South Africa and by M&C, the company states. M&C marketing executive Mike Chamberlain says Saldanha Steel was ...

Silent Motorcycle Coming To A Cop Near You - Hybrid Cars

The motor is a high-efficiency, double-stator axial flux permanent magnet, brushless design with integrated forced air cooling controlled by a high-efficiency, 420-amp, 3-phase brushless controller with re-generative deceleration. The 100-percent electric ...

Rotary Engineering UK Ltd Announces Two Package Deals for Coil Manufacturing & Winding Removal - PR.com

Coil manufacturing package consists of three machines namely W3HL Looping machine, coil spreaders and coil presses, while winding removal package also consists of three machines namely stator cut-off machine, burn off oven and coil puller. With over 40 ...

The 10-minute trimmer guide - Lawn & Landscape

The motor works by means of embedding copper-etched conductors into a multi-layered circuit board stator. The CGT400 features an instant trigger start, high-energy power cell, dual-mode controls for torque and speed, open view grass guard, comfort grip ...

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