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Latest news releases on Praziquantel:

Brain Tapeworms Cause Neurocysticercosis, A Creepily Common Parasitic Disease (PHOTO) - Huffington Post

And the adult tapeworms living in your intestines? They can lay up to 50,000 eggs apiece. The disease is treatable, but its only cure, praziquantel, can cause severe swelling of the brain and problems with seizures down the line. Researchers are ...

Brain Tapeworms Spread From Larvae That Characteristically Travels - Newsoxy.com

It can be caused by undercooked pork and normally treated with a drug called Praziquantel. A recent article in Discovery Magazine explains how when a human can get neurocysticercosis by consuming meat that isn’t cooked all the way. The tapeworm still ...

HEALTH: Airdrops to fight schistosomiasis in Ghana - IRIN

Drug manufacturer Merck pledged in 2000 to produce 20 million Praziquantel tablets - the drug most commonly used to treat bilharzia - over the next decade, and in 2012 to increase output to 250 million. Some national programmes have seen dramatic results.

The 8 Cent Solution to Improving Women's Health in Africa - Huffington Post

Simultaneously, USAID and the British Department for International Development (DFID) have begun to support programs of praziquantel mass treatment for schistosomiasis control, along with private donations. Yet another added measure would be to develop a ...

If You Ate Pork Tapeworm Larvae Could Be Eating Your Brain - Ecorazzi.com

Luckily, there is a cure called praziquantel. However, there are side effects such as brain swelling, along with problematic seizures. A full proof treatment is still in the works. Are you ready for another “comforting” fact? Tapeworms can ...

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