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Latest news releases on Fungal:

Fungus disease found in new bat species - United Press International

White-nose syndrome -- a fungal disease first documented in New York in 2006 and now found in 19 states and four Canadian provinces -- has decimated bat populations across eastern North America, with mortality rates reaching up to 100 percent at ...

Severe Asthma With Fungal Sensitization Likely in Kids Failing Asthma Therapy - Med India

A noteworthy proportion of children with asthma failing Step 4 or greater therapy might have severe asthma with fungal sensitization (SAFS) suggests latest research presented atthe ATS 2012 International Conference in San Francisco. "SAFS is a ...

Mommy Medicine: Getting rid of toenail fungus - ksl.com

SALT LAKE CITY — Fungal infections of the fingernails or toenails are not uncommon, but they can be tough to treat — not to mention expensive. Here are some tips on how to get a handle on your fungal problem and when to see a doctor. Such infections ...

Some Fungal-Farming Ants Are Loyal to Their Crops - msnbc.com

A group of fungi-farming ants are not only loyal to particular species of fungus, the relationship is so close it appears the ants and the fungus may be evolving together, a new study indicates. Each species of farming ants exclusively grows a ...

Friendly Fungi: Elucidating the fungal biosynthesis of stipitatic acid - phys.org

(Phys.org) -- In a tale worthy of Sherlock Holmes, scientists in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, UK have solved a biochemical mystery that had previously proven elusive for 70 years: How the fungus Talaromyces stipitatus ...

Baking soda, cancer and fungus - Natural News.com

Cancer is a fungus, can be caused by a fungus, or is accompanied by late-stage fungal infections, and now the Mayo Clinic confirms this. They are not the first to say so though. Many, even from the official world of orthodox oncology, recognize the ...

Fungal warning for Tassie vineyards - Weekly Times Now

TASMANIAN vineyard owners are being warned about an incurable "cancer" that could jeopardise the state's cool-climate wine industry. A respected European magazine recently named Tasmania as the second-best region in the world to invest in vineyards.

Ancient plant-fungal partnerships reveal how the world became green - Terra Daily

A fern was chosen to represent the earliest plants to have both roots and leaves. Prehistoric plants grown in state-of-the-art growth chambers recreating environmental conditions from more than 400 million years ago have shown scientists from the ...

Antibiotics boost risk of infection with antifungal-resistant candida - medicalxpress.com

Previous exposure to certain antibiotics could boost the risk of infection with drug-resistant strains of a severe fungal infection. Researchers report their findings in the May 2012 issue of the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

FDA Recalls All Lab's Sterile Eye Products - MedPage Today

WASHINGTON -- The FDA has announced a recall of all sterile ophthalmologic preparations shipped from Franck's Compounding Lab since November 2011 because of the possibility of a fungal eye infection following use. The recall, originally ...

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