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Latest news releases on Filet:

Does Pink Slime Have a New Relative in the Form of Meat Glue? - Huffington Post

Are you sure you were enjoying a delicious filet mignon the last time you went out to a fancy steakhouse? Or were you eating pieces of stew-quality meat that were "glued" together to form what resembled a filet mignon, but was actually anything but?

Rare cut is full of fabulous flavor at Cloyde's Steak & Lobster House - News-Press

The chef’s Bone-In Filet Mignon with Parmesan encrusted Roma tomatoes for $48 is simple because it can be. The prime-grade beef is the top 2 percent of beef cattle, Saintheard and restaurateur Michael Hocter say, so it doesn’t need much ...

New Steak on the Block - Wall Street Journal

A DJ blasts music most nights. The menu offers small, medium, and large steaks from a filet medallion to a "cowboy rib steak." "I feel like a traditional steakhouse is someplace you would go with your parents," she says. Texas Roadhouse ...

From the Pho File: Pho Mignon - Seattle Weekly (blog)

Although Pho Mignon isn't fully fancified - Capri Sun's on the drink list - its meat selection features filet mignon, a delicate cut rarely served at pho joints. Fans of filet pho believe the meat's marbling enhances the broth (although they warn it's best ...

'Meat glue' can turn cheap beef into filet mignon - Syracuse Post-Standard

Move over pink slime, "meat glue" is the meat industry's newest concern. KGO-TV in San Francisco uncovered some food services' newest shortcut -- transglutaminase. The powdery substance primarily produced through the fermentation of bacteria is ...

5@5 - Last-minute advice for steak supremacy - CNN

Don’t even bother below that.  Now that you have decided on the grade, choose the cut. Strip, rib-eye, porterhouse, filet, hanger, skirt - all have pluses and minuses.  Except the porterhouse, that is the best of both worlds.  AND ...

Beefsteak returning to Wolff’s - Albany Times Union (blog)

Wolff’s Biergarten in Albany will host its next Beefsteak event at 4 p.m. Saturday, June 2. It features all-you-can-eat filet mignon, served with bread, fries, salad and beer. The dinner costs $55 including tax. (A bucket will be passed at the end to ...

Online medical shopping lets users compare fees - Seattle Times

who wrote about the topic in a report, "The True Cost of Healthcare." "You know the difference between filet mignon and chuck steak, but you don't know the difference between generic amlodipine and brand-name Norvasc," which is Pfizer's blood ...

Johnny Mandel has composed quite a life in music - Los Angeles Times

This is why I've been eating hamburger for the past six months — so I can dine on Mandel's filet mignon." The 86-year-old Mandel will step away from the recording studios and his workroom to convene his orchestra at Vitello's on Saturday.

DELAWARE: Lobbying reform bill met with debate - Delaware Wave

“It’s the “Where’s the Beef’ commercial. It’s pretending to be a filet mignon dinner, but I know what they are serving. It’s Hamburger Helper and that doesn’t sit well with me,’’ Kowalko said. “It’s not even an appetizer.

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