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Digoxin 0.0625mg
Digoxin 0.125mg
Digoxin 0.25mg

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Digoxin elixir 0.05mg/mL

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Latest news releases on Digoxin:

Digoxin in high risk Heart Failure patients with reduced ejection fractions - European Society of Cardiology

The study, presented in the Late Breaking Clinical Trial Update Session yesterday, reports a new analysis in patients with NYHA class III-IV, left ventricular ejection fractions (LVEF) less than 25% and cardio thoracic ratios (CTRs) less than 50%.

Study: Digoxin remains an option for subgroups of HF patients - SmartBrief

Heart failure mortality and hospitalization rates declined among three high-risk subgroups of chronic heart failure patients when they were treated with digoxin, a medication approved in 1998. A researcher with Northwestern University told the Heart ...

Debbie Stabenow calls for changes in FDA drug trials, says women's lives at risk under current testing - MLive.com

The drug was digoxin and to her pediatric cardiologist’s knowledge it was a safe and effective means of treatment. At least it was on the men on whom it was tested in clinical trials, but the results never indicated its success with women ...

Chichester hospital patient death suspects freed from bail - BBC News

Post-mortem tests confirmed the cause of Ms Dixon's death as digoxin toxicity. Digoxin is used to treat a number of heart conditions. An inquest was opened and adjourned on 2 November 2010.

Snakebite drug demand fuels BTG sales - Daily Telegraph

Sales of Crofab, a snakebite antidote, more than doubled to £55.8m and sales of digifab, a treatment for poisoning from the heart drug digoxin, jumped from £6.7m to £16.3m. Revenues were buoyed by price growth and BTG moving to direct sales of its anti ...

Side effects of certain drugs increase emergency room visits by elderly - PRLog (free press release)

In 2004 and 2005, in the US, the blood thinner warfarin, the diabetes drug insulin and the heart drug digoxin caused about 58,000 emergency room visits a year in those 65 and older. The major problem is that it’s hard to determine the correct dose for each drug.

Herbs: How do you define the term? - Examiner

In medicine, an herb is any plant part-root, leaves, flowers, seeds- that is used fairly close to its natural state; it can be tinctured or made into a salve, but not refined as a lab would do; i.e., foxglove is herbal medicine, but pills of digoxin are ...

Risks and Rewards with Acid Reflux Medications - Odessa American Online

Also, medications such as digoxin and diuretics can deplete magnesium levels. If you are taking a PPI along with these medications, this increases your risks further. Do keep in mind; these side effects are less common than the benefits PPI’s afford patients.

The all-seeing eye can show your heart health - and many other issues - Daily Mirror

The condition may also be a side effect of certain drugs, for example, the heart drug digoxin. What can be done? In baby boys, the swelling settles down after a week or so and in adolescent boys it usually disappears when their hormones level out.

Chef Spike Mendelsohn Shares Ingredients for Managing Acid Reflux Disease - Atlantic City Press

DEXILANT and certain other medicines can affect each other. Before taking DEXILANT, tell your doctor if you are taking ampicillin, atazanavir, digoxin, iron, ketoconazole, or tacrolimus. If you are taking DEXILANT with warfarin, you may need to ...

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