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Depo-Provera suspension 150mg/mL

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Latest news releases on Depo-Provera:

Long-acting contraceptives best by far - Science News

Those choosing a long-acting, implantable device or IUD (blue) or regular injections of Depo-Provera (orange) had the lowest rates of contraceptive failure. The highest rates occurred in women choosing birth control pills, skin patch or vaginal ring (green ...

Judie Brown on ‘Catholic’ Melinda Gates’ contraception campaign: contact bishops - Lifesite

Among other things Gates is providing Depo-Provera, an injectable drug that causes abortions, and is also linked to cancer and osteoporosis. “Individual Catholics have to take this on as a personal challenge to the integrity of the Church,” Brown told ...

Questions from Africa About Safety of Injectable Depo Provera - Salon

Despite glib assurances from WHO and their collaborators that injectable Depo Provera and similar hormonal contraceptives are safe in high HIV prevalence African countries (they are not so much used in low HIV prevalence countries), some are not ...

Long-term contraception more effective than pills - Chicago Tribune

Just 176 women chose to get Depo-Provera hormone shots every three months, and two of them became pregnant during the study. Depending on the brand, IUDs can prevent pregnancy for five to 10 years. Skin implants last for three years. AGE IMPACTS ...

New Health Department family planning services offered - Sampson Independent

Depo Provera shots and the Mirena Intra-Uterine Device — IUD — are already being offered and we will begin offering the Paragard IUD within the next four weeks. The Mirena IUD lasts for five years and the Paragard IUD lasts for ten years. Mirena has a ...

Pill not as effective as Long-Term Contraception - zolmax.com

Only 176 in the study chose the hormone shot Depo-Provera that is good for 90 days, with two of them had unplanned pregnancies during the course of the study. IUDs, depending upon the brand, can prevent pregnancies for between five and ten years.

Laila Harre: Returning to the failed policies of the 1980s - New Zealand Herald

Arming Winz case officers with depo provera is camouflage for the disgraceful neglect of the poor kids in poor families on whom our future wellbeing depends. There is an emergence of new voices and visions. Already future governing parties - Labour and the ...

Neglected Tropical Diseases: Making Poverty Profitable? - Salon

The latent contempt and violence behind mass male circumcision and the highly aggressive marketing of Depo Provera and various birth control methods are obvious enough to some, but other health (and development) programs also need to take into ...

Personal sexual lubricants a solution to many senior sexual problems - Examiner

Of drugs that may cause a loss of vaginal lubrication including are oral contraceptives like Lo/Ovral, Ortho-Cyclen, Depo Provera and prescriptions like Halcion, Xanax, Ativan, Calcium channel blockers, Beta-blockers as well as prescribed and over-the ...

Saint Melinda - Boulder Clarion

Some walked long distances repeatedly to remote clinics in search of Depo Provera injections, a type of contraceptive that effectively prevents pregnancy if injected at regular intervals — and which can be concealed from a husband. “Women sitting on a ...

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