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Latest news releases on Coumadin:

Identifying Patients using Coumadin, Warfarin and blood thinner medication - PR-USA.net

Blood thinners? It is not so unusual yet does require you to take important precautions. Blood thinners? It is not so unusual yet does require you to take important precautions. You know that you must take Coumadin, the common blood thinner or warfarin ...

Research Finds Pradaxa Bleeding More Likely than with Coumadin - YAHOO!

The Pradaxa Resource Center, a patient advocacy group, is alerting patients taking the atrial fibrillation drug Pradaxa of research showing the drug may have higher rates of death or serious internal bleeding than the traditional blood thinner Coumadin.

Warfarin, aspirin both fight heart failure - United Press International

The 10-year trial tracked 2,305 patients and compared the anti-coagulant warfarin, or Coumadin, to aspirin. Previous studies have shown warfarin is superior to aspirin for preventing stroke in heart failure patients with atrial fibrillation ...

Pradaxa not Fit for a Dog, Family of Alleged Pradaxa Bleeding Victim Claims - Newsinferno.com

As we’ve reported previously, Pradaxa was marketed as a safer alternative to Coumadin (warfarin), a blood thinner that has been on the market for decades. Among other things, Coumadin can cause dangerous interactions with other drugs.

Daughters Allege Their Mother Died From Pradaxa Bleeding - Lawyers and Settlements

Such blood thinners have been used by the medical community for decades—including warfarin, dispensed under the brand name Coumadin. While the latter came with a shopping list of challenges doctors needed to meet in order to manage the drug properly ...

The Best Medication Websites - Patch

A patient of mine recently noticed some abnormal bleeding after being on a stable regimen of his blood thinner (Coumadin) for several years. Upon further investigation, we realized the bleeding was due to combining a new antibiotic with his low ...

Pradaxa Could Kill You! Call Your Lawyer Now! - Salon

It took me an entire visit to educate him, again, about the risks and benefits of Pradaxa compared to Coumadin, and after our visit the patient decided to continue his Pradaxa. Lucky for him he did not have a stroke during the few weeks he was ...

How to diagnose and treat deep vein thrombosis - FOX News

Both heparin and lovenox should be followed with an oral medication. Then, the patient begins taking warfarin pills (brand name: Coumadin), for long-term anticoagulation.

Pro-life hospice care - RenewAmerica

As a practicing pro-life Catholic, I can confirm that at my hospice, we do not withhold food and water or medications such as Coumadin that are prescribed by the patient's primary care physician. 'I have grown attached to many of my home-based hospice ...

Study Shows BloodSTOP Effective at Controlling Bleeding and Promoting Healing on Test Subjects Receiving Anticoagulant Drugs - San Francisco Gate

has released the results on a preclinical study designed to evaluate the effectiveness of BloodSTOP's ability to control bleeding and promote healing on test subjects that had been administered anticoagulant drugs(Coumadin, Aspirin and Plavix ...

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