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Latest news releases on Calpol:

Apps Rush: The Sandbox, 101 Ideas: Flying With Kids, Calpol and more - The Guardian

There are plenty of Minecraft clones in the apps world, but The Sandbox does something different with the pixelly world-building genre. It's a "physics sandbox" that aims to get you creating your own universe, from mud and sand to plants, walls ...

Christine flags up her love for Frank - Belfast Telegraph

Most women I know regard football on TV as Calpol for big, grown-up men. A little helping of it and - bingo! - you can get on with whatever you're doing while they lie back, remote in hand, all glazed of eye and soothed, drinking in another match.

Cot death parents could do no more, inquest rules (From The Bolton News) - The Bolton News

She gave him some Calpol, he settled and went to sleep. But when she went to wake him the next morning, he was unresponsive and doctors were unable to revive him. Pathologist Dr Batra said there was evidence of a bacterial infection and a viral infection ...

Tragic death of Carlisle baby two days before first birthday - News and Star

On the night he died, she put him to bed, gave him some Calpol because he had a slight temperature, and rubbed some Bonjela on to his gums. She had heard him playing on his “light show” at about 3am which he did when he woke up in the night.

Why did one of these twins have to die before their cough was taken seriously? - Daily Mail

On the evening before she died, Siena had a very runny nose but seemed her usual happy self. Hazel gave her some Calpol and put her to bed as normal. She awoke once in the night; Hazel cuddled her and put her back down to sleep. At some point during the ...

Danger doctors are ignoring sanctions and still practising as powerless GMC fails to police its bans - Daily Mail

In one case, a GP convicted of negligence by the GMC for prescribing Calpol to a baby who later died from meningitis was able to get a job with an out of hours firm without telling them he was on restricted duties. Dr Godwin Duru, who qualified in Nigeria ...

Cargo bikes and tricycles for the school run - Daily Telegraph

In less urban areas, however, a car may still be necessary for giving people lifts to the station, going to a remote pub for Sunday lunch, and rushing out for Calpol at 2am. Either way, if you currently do lots of short hops by car and are looking for a vi ...

Loopholes in pharma pricing policy - Hindu Business Line

That is, they should be selling only under their generic names. Paracetamol should sell only as paracetamol and not as Crocin or Calpol. India is the only country with a developed pharmaceutical industry, where prescription drugs out of patent are sold ...

Drug, healthcare prices are a rip-off - Hindu Business Line

That is like adding fuel to the fire. I check out the price of paracetamol (sold as brand Crocin, Calpol) procured by the TN government's procurement agency, TNMSC, and you are in for a shock. What the leading brand costs for 10 tablets is available for 100 tablets.

Liverpool FC fan to play Evertonian in Reds and Blues at Royal Court - southportvisiter.co.uk

Since joining the casting agency, he has starred in TV adverts for Calpol, Manchester United, the Museum of Liverpool and Sony, as well as landing the role of Joe in Casualty and successfully auditioning for Reds and Blues. He’s had a lot of success for ...

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