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Latest news releases on Baclofen:

Pumping Away Cerebral Palsy Symptoms - Abc Local Web

But he eventually developed a tolerance to Botox. That's when doctors had him try this. "What the Baclofen pump does is help relax muscles that are pulling things out of their natural position." Implanted under the skin, it continuously shoots Baclofen ...

Smoking pot for multiple sclerosis? Study finds it helps - Los Angeles Times

And anti-spasmodic medications, including baclofen and tizanidine, reduce spasticity in many patients. But while those appear to have some ill-defined cognitive side effects, there was no ambiguity in smoked marijuana's effect: "Though generally well ...

Drugs Help Tailor Alcoholism Treatment - New York Times

Baclofen, an antispasm medication, is also sometimes prescribed off-label for alcoholics, though results of studies are mixed. Dr. Johnson also showed that low doses of ondansetron, an antinausea medicine long prescribed to patients taking ...

Drug charges become a problem for Houston - Abington Mariner

Police spokesman Detective J.D. Costa said police located 45 grams of crack cocaine, six grams of cocaine, approximately three and half pounds of marijuana, 18 tablets of baclofen, alprazolam and MDMA. He said $2,240 in cash was also confiscated ...

New device helping people with Cerebral Palsy - WNDU

Assistant Professor and Program Director for Pediatric Rehabilitation at University of Florida, Jacksonville Louise Spierre, MD, explains the new device, "What the baclofen pump does is help relax muscles that are pulling things out of their natural position."

Marijuana Helps Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers - zolmax.com

In addition, medications that are anti-spasmodic including tizanidine and baclofen, are helpful in reducing the amount of spasticity in a number of patients. However, while there seems to be some un-defined cognitive side effects, there was no hiding the ...

My Experience at the Pain Clinic - DAILY KOS

No problem….. You can quit marijuana anytime, what you cannot quit is narcotics. The pain clinic decided that, since my original idea was to have a baclofen/morphine pump put in, which would deliver medications directly to my spine ...

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