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Latest news releases on Auranofin:

Auranofin effective against amoebas in lab and animal studies - News-Medical.Net

A team of researchers from UCSF and UC San Diego has identified an approved arthritis drug that is effective against amoebas in lab and animal studies, suggesting it could offer a low-dose, low cost treatment for the amoebic infections that ...

Inexpensive arthritis drug may treat dysentery, giardiasis - Los Angeles Times

An inexpensive arthritis drug called auranofin has been shown in lab and animal tests to kill the parasites that cause amoebic dysentery and giardiasis, and human trials are expected to start soon. The gold-containing drug, marketed under the ...

Lab Notes: Outlook for Amebiasis Tx Is Golden - MedPage Today

The gold compound auranofin, long used for rheumatoid arthritis, might turn out to be the best treatment yet for amoebic dysentery. Also this week: a new approach to male contraception. There's Gold in Them Thar Pills An already-approved drug ...

Arthritis drug, Auranofin, may be effective against amebiasis and Giardia - Examiner

A common rheumatoid arthritis (RA) drug may prove effective in treating two common protozoan parasites found worldwide. The research was published in the online journal, Nature Medicine, Sunday, May 20. The research team says that the gold-containing ...

Arthritis drug could also help combat major cause of dysenteric death worldwide - Newstrack India

Using a high-throughput screen for drugs developed by them, a collaborative group of scientists from UC San Diego School of Medicine, UC San Francisco and Wake Forest School of Medicine discovered that auranofin - a drug approved by the US Food ...

Gold-Containing Arthritis Drug Shows Promise for Treating Major Intestinal Infection Caused by Parasite - Healthcanal.com

After developing a new rapid drug screening technique, the scientists discovered that a gold-containing drug called auranofin may be effective in treating amebiasis. According to a study published online May 20, 2012 in Nature Medicine ...

RA drug effective against Entamoeba histolytica - News-Medical.Net

"Because auranofin has already been approved by the FDA for use in humans, we can save years of expensive development," said Reed. "In our studies in animal models, auranofin was ten times more potent against this parasite than metronidazole."

Drug Found for Parasite That Is Major Cause of Death Worldwide - Newswise

Using a high-throughput screen for drugs developed by the research team, they discovered that auranofin – a drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration 25 years ago for rheumatoid arthritis – is very effective in targeting an enzyme that ...

Arthritis Drug Effective Against Amoebic Parasites - Med India

Researchers in California found that auranofin, an oral therapy for arthritis that has been around since 1985, is highly effective against the parasite Entamoeba histolytica. Carried in water and food, the parasite is a major but often neglected ...

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