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Latest news releases on AZT:

New Hope for HIV Patients - Harvard Crimson

On March 20, 1987, the Food and Drug Administration approved AZT, azidothymidine, for use as an antiretroviral drug to slow HIV/AIDS’ progress and effectively reduce the infectiousness of the virus. The discovery of AZT’s new use was made by ...

We Can Teach Old Drugs New Tricks -- and We Should - Huffington Post

But in the 1960s, AZT was approved by the FDA to treat cancer and was soon shelved for failing to show efficacy. Twenty years later, a collaborative effort between the NIH and industry allowed the NIH to repurpose AZT because it proved effective against ...

UM Miller School of Medicine wins AIDS research award - Miami Herald

The nation’s first effective AIDS treatment, AZT, was developed in major part by Fischl, considered one of the world’s top physician-scientists in the field. “What we need to do is figure out what more we have to do to knock it out,” Fischl said.

'Rent' pays dividends at Bristol Riverside Theatre - BucksLocalNews.com

So, for that matter, is Roger's cyber-anarchist gay pal Collins (the opera's Colline), who's mugged during one of his sick spells and is happily rescued by the softhearted drag hustler Angel, also surviving on AZT and street smarts. Painter ...

Shining brightly for the final - The FINANCIAL

Allianz performed a key role in the original development of the façade and lighting system. Its research laboratory, the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT), conducted all fire resistance tests. The Allianz Arena took three years to build, and since ...

Temple transforms to Purina Chow - East Carolinian

His dad, being a third generation pharmacist, gave him confidence in the medical field that gave him the guts to try the only medicine available, AZT, which was almost as toxic as HIV. “If nothing else, I will be going through a regiment where I will ...

Time to Change the PEP Guidelines? - Medscape News

These completion rates were comparable to those previously reported for tenofovir/FTC alone and better than those previously reported for AZT/3TC plus a PI.

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